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    Houdini: Compiled Blocks

    Compiled Blocks is a feature that is probably not used by a lot of Houdini users, but it’s quite useful for couple reasons. The reasons are speed and modularity! Speed! First let’s talk about the speed. Compiled blocks allows Houdini to compile node network into single piece of logic (imagine a single node) that works faster and uses less memory (no data duplication for each node). Also, if there are for-loops inside the compiled block, Houdini can run them in parallel (multithreaded) which gives additional speed increase. While it might not be as important for one-off things, but it’s very important for simulations or building interatctive digital assets (For example, interactive Digital Assets used in game engines). Whenever another artist will use your HDA and spend time tweaking parameters to get what he or she wants, it’s very important for your asset to be as fast as possible. In my case, while building “yet another cable generator” (Example that I’m showing here is like a 100x simplified version of my full cable generation system), I got more than 4x increase in speed when using compiled blocks. I guess my setup was fast already without compiled blocks ( I tend to use a lot of […]