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    Houdini Engine: Using Unity Tilemaps

    Houdini Engine is a fantastic technology. If you don’t know what Houdini Engine is – it is a way to run Houdini inside other applications. In other words – it is a plugin that allows you to generate procedural content directly inside another application. You can even use objects created in your 3d application as an input for your Houdini setups. Currently there are integrations for all mayor 3D DCC applications as well as two most popular game engines – Unity and Unreal Engine. This is especially powerful, because it allows game developers (or other game engine users) to utilize Houdini to create more in-engine content in procedural ways. Previously you would have to develop specific tools yourself from scratch in game engine, but now you can utilize amazing tools in Houdini to make your own higher level tools much easier.While Houdini Engine plugin for Unity is great, currently it only supports Unity Meshes, Terrains and other HDAs (Houdini Digital Assets) as inputs. Using Unity Tilemaps are not supported. Fortunately it is quite easy to extend the plugin and add new interfaces to support more Unity object types as inputs for your Houdini Digital Assets. Why is this needed? Idea is that […]