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    Smarter project structure using Symlinks

    It is very hard to come up with project folder structure that works. Especially if you are using multiple content creation applications. You often want to use the same assets in different places. Usually you end up with a huge mess – files from different apps mixed together with temporary files and hard to use relative paths ( like ../../../scene/textures/bricks.jpg) or even worse – absolute paths that break as soon as you move project files around. Another issue is when it comes time to clean things up for archiving – everything is mixed together. It’s hard to know which files, sequences and temporary files are safe to remove (that can be easily re-generated if you need to work on the project in the future).I try to solve all of these issues with clever use of symlinks (symbolic links). It’s a feature that is common in Linux/Unix/Mac based systems (but less known on Windows), where you can create “virtual” folders or files that actually point to other folders or files that are located elswhere. Other way to think about it – contents of your folder can be accessed from different places (each place being a folder with it’s own path). Like shortcuts, […]