• In 3d

    Doors – update 1

    A while ago I started working on a short film idea. Due to different reasons (read – life), it took a while to finish the concept phase. The idea behind a story is my personal journey through different parts of my life. It is supposed to be a slow – atmospheric piece. Something to show on a projector screen on a large wall, with good sound. In couple of months I generated a ton of different ideas on how to represent various events and my emotions about those events. Biggest challenge was how to put everything together to make one cohesive piece – to have transitions from one part to the next. While working on an animatic I had to throw out several scenes, just because I could not make them work together with the rest. Also the scope of the project was already probably too huge to make in reasonable timeframe.   Here is a version of the animatic. I see it more as an inspirational piece – mostly because some of the scenes were too complex to make just for the animatic, so ones in animatic serve just as a placeholder – a reminder for myself of what should go there. […]