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    Automatic material creation in Unreal Engine with Python

    Potential task for automation is creation of material instances for a lot of meshes. For example, I use Houdini to generate a lot of assets procedurally – models with baked texture maps. Importing all these meshes, textures and creating material instances (based on common master material) and assigning respective textures for each model is repetitive and boring manual task. Here is a sample python script that is meant to run on selected static meshes – it will automatically create Material Instance asset for each mesh based on its name and assign all textures also based on name. At the end it […]
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    Automating Unreal Engine editor with Python

    Unreal Engine gives you several options to create custom tools for automating tasks in Unreal Editor. You can write C++ code, create Editor Utility Blueprints or write Python. While Blueprints are cool, Python is industry standard for writing pipeline tools and in my opinion is much convenient than doing things with Blueprint nodes in many cases – like dealing with filenames and connecting to things outside Unreal Editor. There are a lot of things you could add to Unreal Editor using editor Blueprints or Python – avoiding repeating manual tasks, automating level building, automating asset management and implementing content creation pipeline. […]
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    Blender Multi Render script

    If you are doing any kind of product visualization work, you have probably met with a situation where you need to render multiple camera angles of a product with multiple material variations on it. Doing it by hand can be quite tedious – especially if each render takes longer time. You must wait when the render finishes, change camera or material, change output path.. render again. Not exactly a fun activity and also with high probability of human error. Lucikly blender has few very useful python callback functions: bpy.app.handlers.render_pre bpy.app.handlers.render_post bpy.app.handlers.render_cancel You can register your own functions there, and they will be called before render […]
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    Promote Take overrides in Cinema 4D

    You know the situation – working with takes, doing your thing. Only when after 300 hours of super productive hustling, you realize that Auto Take button was on and you have been working in wrong Take! Well, I find myself in this situation at least 400 times a day, so here is a little tool to help with this! It works by promoting selected objects overrides (moving up to parent Take). This allows moving your changes out of the take easily without loosing them or manual labor. How to use: Select take you want to promote parameters from Select Objects in take […]
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    C4D Freeze Scale Hierarchical

    Sometimes, when importing fbx scenes from other DCC apps, you get large scale values on objects. For me this always happens when importing from Blender. It’s quite annoying to fix this in C4D as you have to do this manually for each object in Axis mode. To help with this, I created this small utility script, that quickly goes through whole hirachy (starting from top selected object) and resets scale to 1,1,1, while preserving all other transformations. Only case where it does not work correctly is if there are some shearing transformations from non uniform scale + rotation combo. But this […]
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    Run python command in Blender from 3D view

    Are you tired of getting the “RuntimeError: context is incorrect” error when trying to run python commands in Blender?!? Of course you are!! But sweat no more – thanks to this new and super useful Blender addon, You can run your Python commands directly from any 3D view and get the correct context – always! This is a solution to dreadful blender context is incorrect problem You have been waiting for! But wait!!! There is more! You can run either a single line or even execute whole script documents! So forget about writing custom operators or doing complex context copy operations just to […]