Are you tired of getting the “RuntimeError: context is incorrect” error when trying to run python commands in Blender?!? Of course you are!!
But sweat no more – thanks to this new and super useful Blender addon, You can run your Python commands directly from any 3D view and get the correct context – always! This is a solution to dreadful blender context is incorrect problem You have been waiting for!

But wait!!! There is more! You can run either a single line or even execute whole script documents!
So forget about writing custom operators or doing complex context copy operations just to run that one modelling operator you need! Download now and get your own python command line directly in your 3D view!

Updated for Blender 2.8 !

Update 1: Added default keyboard shortcuts “Shift Alt X” runs a line and “Ctrl Alt X” runs a script. You can of course change the shortcuts in preferences if you like. Re-download and reinstall addon to have shortcut keys added automatically.

Addon for Blender 2.8:

Addon for Blender 2.7:


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