One thing that I have to do very frequently but could not find easy way to do is centering object to its children or moving parent object to 3d cursor position without moving children.

Normally you would unparent children from the parent object. Then you would move the parent to where you want it to be. After that you would try to find the unparented children somewhere in outliner (they are moved to the root of the hierarchy and scattered around by name). Then you would parent them back. Super annoying!

No more! 

There is another command included – bpy.ops.object.snap_sparent_to_cursor() or search for “Move parent to 3D cursor”. This does exactly what it says – moves selected objects parent to 3d cursor without moving children objects. This is very useful for example you have a door hierarchy (several objects under one root object) and you want to move the root object to specify pivot for door rotation.

Grab the and install as an Blender addon.
You can map keyboard keys in 3D View / Object mode to:

or just use the search box to search for “Center object to children” and “Move parent to 3d cursor“.


  1. You just saved my butt with this, otherwise I’d had to manually do it with over 500 objects. I think this is very useful in general, maybe it would be possible to add it to official blender releases in the future.

    Thanks a ton!

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