KTools for C4D

Utility plugin for Cinema 4D that quickly cleans scene objects from empty selection tags and materials assigned to empty selections (assigned to nothing) and material tags assigned to no-material and no selection.
This is oftwen useful when importing scenes from other DCC apps to clean up whole scene quickly.

Update 07.09.2021:  Updated plugin to work on S23-S24. Added automatic cleanup of broken material tags – tags with no-material and no-selection assigned.

File download:


ktools_v015.zip ( C4D S23+ )
ktools_v012.zip ( C4D R16-S22 )


  1. i installed the plugin exactly as told in all recent c4d versions starting from 23 up to 26 , the plugin appear in the menu and i can click it
    but it does not do anything …
    even trying to create an new blank project , and adding random junk materials and selection tags ,
    NON of them being removed or even touched when clicking on the plugin buttons ,
    tried to select everything then click , nothing happen ..
    tried to select the materials then click nothing happen ..
    tried to select the object then click , nothing happen
    the buttons of the plugin seems to do nothing in all the versions i mention ….
    and yes i used the right version ( ktools_v015 for 23 / 26 )
    please help :/

  2. darn. this doesn’t work for me. c4d2023. it shows up in extensions but doesn’t do anything.

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