Some moments

A while ago I graduated visual communication department at Art Academy of Latvia. Because of my previous education in computer science and old love for game development, I decided to create interactive installation with real time 3D graphics as a my graduation project.
While I was thinking about what to do, I contemplated about all the biological processes that are happening in our heads when we are trying to come up with new ideas. At the end – this whole process of thinking was more interesting for me than any random idea I encountered. Therefore I created the installation as a virtual reality window, that allows viewers to see three different key moments from my life – moments that were crucial for me to come up with the idea that I should show these moments in my installation.
Interactivity was achieved by using one Kinect sensor. Because perspective was deformed to achieve virtual window effect, there can be only one viewer at a time. Therefore during exhibition, there was a zone where only one person could stand in. If more persons came in – application locked down until only one person was left. Technically everything was modelled and animated in Blender and then imported in Unity 3D. I wrote a lot of custom shaders and there was a significant amount of research and development involved to calculate deformed perspective projections for the virtual reality window effect and solve other technical difficulties with Kinect and Unity.
Simple web preview version (without Kinect support) Scenes will change after 30 seconds! If it is not working for you – sorry, It is not meant to be compatible with all systems, as it was made for exhibition.

Update 27.11.2016:

Recently I decided to revisit the project and added two new scenes to the installation – cafe scene and traffic jam scene (see below the video).

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