My last project while working at InnoWate as a game programmer, was a social network game called Sushi World. I was responsible for creating game engine and writing client side game core (game process, initial UI, AI, building restaurant mode etc.). After other colleagues joined in, I continued to improve engine and engine related game parts.
Everything on client side was written on Flex (Actionscript 3). Main engine features were:

  •   dynamic loading and generation of objects and tiles
  •   most objects are real 3D objects that are pre-cached in runtime with different textures
  •   all characters are 3D objects with skeletal animation (with pre-cache)
  •   support for texture animations (with pre-cache)
  •   support for 2D sprite animations (with pre-cache)
  •   advanced multi-layered tile-map levels with multiple rooms + external environment.
  •   great performance

Game died a while ago and is not available online any more.