You know the situation – working with takes, doing your thing. Only when after 300 hours of super productive hustling, you realize that Auto Take button was on and you have been working in wrong Take!
Well, I find myself in this situation at least 400 times a day, so here is a little tool to help with this! It works by promoting selected objects overrides (moving up to parent Take). This allows moving your changes out of the take easily without loosing them or manual labor.

How to use:

  1. Select take you want to promote parameters from
  2. Select Objects in take parameters window whose overrides you want to promote (This is important to select the object, not parameter or override group – see picture)
  3. Call the PromoteSelectedTakeParams command.
  4. Optional: Add PromoteSelectedTakeParams command to your takes window UI , to have faster access!

Select take and objects (hilighted) you want to promote!

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