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    Blender Multi Render script

    If you are doing any kind of product visualization work, you have probably met with a situation where you need to render multiple camera angles of a product with multiple material variations on it. Doing it by hand can be quite tedious – especially if each render takes longer time. You must wait when the render finishes, change camera or material, change output path.. render again. Not exactly a fun activity and also with high probability of human error. Lucikly blender has few very useful python callback functions: bpy.app.handlers.render_pre bpy.app.handlers.render_post bpy.app.handlers.render_cancel You can register your own functions there, and they will be called before render […]
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    Procedural volumetric clouds in Blender Eevee and Cycles

    As Blender 2.8 reached it’s completion, I was seeing more and more people exploring volumetric shaders in Eevee. Historically volumes have been very slow to render on CPU and even GPU render engines. But with Eevee and it’s almost real time rendering speeds, now you can experiment with volume shaders much easier than before. Seeing people create clouds and nebulas, I wanted to do some experiments and come up with my own solution on how to create fully procedural clouds. What’s cool is that the same shaders also work in Cycles. Slower of course, but producing much higher quality output […]
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    Tiles transition shader in Blender

    Based on ideas in my old hexagon tiles Blender shader, I created this animated, topology independant, cubic tiles shader effect. Generated cubes are fully 3d and if you render with Cycles, you can even have some “filling” with volumetric shading. Everything is 100% procedural and based on just basic math nodes. Tiles are calculated in world space, so local object rotation will not have any effect. Awesome thing is that the shader works both in Cycles and Eevee without any modifications. But unfortunatly Eevee does not support fully shader based volumetric rendering at this moment. There are two issues with it. […]
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    Blender Eevee vs Unity

    Couple months ago I made this interactive environment for an art show. During the last year I have been doing quite a lot of work using Unity engine for a TV cartoon show – therefore Unity was a natural choice for this project as I have an established and tested pipeline and toolset to achieve quite good results. This is a very interesting time for real time graphics – Blender 2.8 with it’s amazing Eevee render engine is getting ready for release. Unity 2018 introduced new render pipelines – with HD render pipeline promising very high end effects and performance. Naturally […]
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    Run python command in Blender from 3D view

    Are you tired of getting the “RuntimeError: context is incorrect” error when trying to run python commands in Blender?!? Of course you are!! But sweat no more – thanks to this new and super useful Blender addon, You can run your Python commands directly from any 3D view and get the correct context – always! This is a solution to dreadful blender context is incorrect problem You have been waiting for! But wait!!! There is more! You can run either a single line or even execute whole script documents! So forget about writing custom operators or doing complex context copy operations just to […]
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    Procedural N-Gon Blender shader

    Recently I saw that someone was selling procedural hexagon tiles Blender shader. I became very curious about how this was achieved and spent couple days trying to figure this out on my own. Turns out you don’t need much more than just a bunch of math nodes and UV coordinates as an input. The rest is just basic geometry and basic math. No OSL. Works on GPU and in the viewport! Updated!:  Recently I updated this to Blender 2.8 and was pleasantly surprised that It also compiles and works in Eeevee exactly as in Cycles. That’s crazy awesome, if you ask […]