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    Creating procedural game assets with Houdini. Part 2

    First let’s start with a little demo of what I achieved with rock generation. Here I demonstrate two different rock styles generation from the same input geometry – rendered in Blender Eeevee. To play with one of the demo asset styles in real time, you can check it out on Sketchfab here! To see how it looks in “The Collector” project demo, which was the project I created this for – check out this link.Object hierarchy and naming in Blender outlinerFor my project, as an user input, I had a basic geometry blockout of the cave, exported as FBX from Blender. […]
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    Creating procedural game assets with Houdini. Part 1

    During development of the project “Collector”, while sculpting cave walls and stones by hand, I once again decided that I need to find more efficient – procedural way of building assets. As they say – proceduralism is the future. In this series of posts, I will try to show my experiments and explain how to use Houdini to create automated pipelines for generating procedural game assets.Natural formations — such as cliffs, stones, sand dunes, are hard to create manually. Sure, skilled artist can come up with workflows and sculpt an amazing rock, but it takes a lot of time and is […]
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    Procedural volumetric clouds in Blender Eevee and Cycles

    As Blender 2.8 reached it’s completion, I was seeing more and more people exploring volumetric shaders in Eevee. Historically volumes have been very slow to render on CPU and even GPU render engines. But with Eevee and it’s almost real time rendering speeds, now you can experiment with volume shaders much easier than before. Seeing people create clouds and nebulas, I wanted to do some experiments and come up with my own solution on how to create fully procedural clouds. What’s cool is that the same shaders also work in Cycles. Slower of course, but producing much higher quality output […]
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    Blender Eevee vs Unity

    Couple months ago I made this interactive environment for an art show. During the last year I have been doing quite a lot of work using Unity engine for a TV cartoon show – therefore Unity was a natural choice for this project as I have an established and tested pipeline and toolset to achieve quite good results. This is a very interesting time for real time graphics – Blender 2.8 with it’s amazing Eevee render engine is getting ready for release. Unity 2018 introduced new render pipelines – with HD render pipeline promising very high end effects and performance. Naturally […]
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    Substance painter rocks

    Lately my favorite application has been Substance Painter. If you don’t know what it is – you should drop whatever you are doing now and go and check it out! Initially created for real time games model texture painting, it is also incredibly useful for rendered imagery – thanks to it’s awesome PBR workflow. It is a very new product, but it is being developed very actively and each new update brings awesome new features and speed improvements. It will not replace Mari for high resolution UDIM texture painting on high poly meshes (for now), but It still does a good job […]