Tiles transition shader in Blender

Based on ideas in my old hexagon tiles Blender shader, I created this animated, topology independant, cubic tiles shader effect. Generated cubes are fully 3d and if you render with Cycles, you can even have some “filling” with volumetric shading. Everything is 100% procedural and based on just basic math nodes. Tiles are calculated in world space, so local object rotation will not have any effect.

Awesome thing is that the shader works both in Cycles and Eevee without any modifications. But unfortunatly Eevee does not support fully shader based volumetric rendering at this moment. There are two issues with it. One is that it does not take object shape into account and always treat object as cubic volume. Second is that, for whatever reason, volumetric shader is not rendering if surface shader is connected. This was not the case a while ago, so I believe this must be a bug and hopefully will be fixed in future.

Anyway, use Cycles if you want to have volumetric filling for the tiles although it looks cool also without volumetrics in Eevee.

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