Unreal MiniTip: Batch process mesh settings with Python

You know how when you import a lot of static meshes and need to change some settings on all of them? There is a property matrix, but unfortunately it does not allow to change some important parameters – like MATERIAL!!!?!!111
Python to the rescue!

Here is a small but useful Python snippet to do just that. It goes through all selected assets in content browser and filters out just Static Meshes. It then sets a specific material in first slot.
Also I wanted to change “Use Full Precision UVs” for all meshes. That and a bunch of other useful parameters can be set with lod build settings.

To run the script, select all your meshes in Content Browser and then go to: Tools -> Execute Python Script (at the bottom)  and choose this script file wherever it is saved! Done!

import unreal

sm_edit_subsys = unreal.StaticMeshEditorSubsystem()

material_asset = unreal.EditorAssetLibrary.load_asset('/Game/Materials/MI_AssMaterial') #find the material we want to apply directly by path

selected = unreal.EditorUtilityLibrary.get_selected_assets()
for asset in selected:
    if asset.get_class().get_name() != "StaticMesh":
        continue #skip everything else except static meshes
    if material_asset is not None:
        asset.set_material(0, material_asset) #set material to slot 0

    sm_build_settings = unreal.MeshBuildSettings(use_mikk_t_space=True, recompute_normals=False, recompute_tangents=True,
                                                 compute_weighted_normals=True, build_reversed_index_buffer=True, use_full_precision_u_vs=True, 
                                                 generate_lightmap_u_vs=True, remove_degenerates=False)

    sm_edit_subsys.set_lod_build_settings(asset, 0, sm_build_settings) #set lod0 build settings


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